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Under construction: Guangzhou Nanhu Mountain Villa

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Nanhu plate development value :

● regional planning

From the analysis of urban development strategy, Guangzhou Nanhu Forum excellent strategy an important part of the North, the North optimization is to optimize the living environment. North Canton excellent strategy highlights transport advantages: Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou city north-south traffic axis, extending to South Lake Avenue North segment, with the cities of Guangzhou Avenue axis, that is, the Guangzhou Tianhe North area first CBD, and Teem district greatly shorten the distance, Southlake real estate forum to shorten the days of Hebei drive in 20 minutes, you can become a high-end business days of Hebei CBD people preferred home.

● Transportation

Metro Line construction will Southlake Forum and the new Airport subway hub of Guangzhou East Railway Station, Tianhe North, Pearl River New City and is located in Panyu, Guangzhou New Railway Station as a single entity, which is the South Lake area in the future to be one of the main appreciation.

Huanan Expressway after the merger with the North Central Expressway and Guangzhou Avenue intersect, forming a lot in Shahe transport hub, making South Lake area south of the Pearl River Delta hinterland Panyu connected together, linking the east and the GS to West North Central and implemented through the west linking strategy and Foshan, so starting from the South Lake area is very convenient to the PRD.

● landscape view

After 2000, the Guangzhou municipal government has stopped approved Southlake real estate development sector, as is the protection of natural resources within the region is not destroyed, and as such, it is more valuable Nanhu plate. "Mid, streams, slopes, forests and the air" is the unique resource advantage Southlake mansion. Yunshan beads of water, vegetation and ecological resources such as air, the achievements of the South Lake area luxury city status; Nanhu "worth" is gradually bullish Meanwhile, South Lake landscape resources become extinct.

As of June 30, 2011, South Lake Village a built surface of about 15,000 square meters of residential villas for sale, in turn changed the landscaping plan; while two South Lake Village development in planning, and has been in September 2011 Construction has begun. In 2012 is expected to start in late pre-sale.

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