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Chairman’s Speech

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Dear guests and friends all sectors of society: 
   Hello everyone! 
   Thank you for your continued right "Xintian production" of attention and support, which is why only the "new world class" remarkable achievement today; because of this, "New World production" has to continue into the future, to win glorious confidence and determination! 
  Talent Property Group Limited was founded in 1995, in 2010 was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (trading symbol HK.00760), officially on the international capital markets. As the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed company, Talent Property Group Co., Ltd. always adhering to the "heart of love Liye · build home" brand philosophy, "doing fine seek long-term" product concept, "cooperative, win-win development" market philosophy, focus on achievement, "enhance the value of those perfect city"! 
   "New World production" to develop into a consumer demand management and industry chain resources as the core competitiveness of the real estate development, operation and service of integrated, cross-regional industry groups as the overarching goal, pioneering and innovative, bold practice . Types of properties have been developed over one million square meters. If Tianyu Garden, Tian Garden, Dongming Xuan, the Yu Garden, Jingang Garden, Tobacco Building, TianLun Hotel Hilton Guangzhou Tianhe hotel projects, the main business model from the traditional real estate development business strategic expansion to urban renewal (three old transformation) business. 
   In recent years, the domestic brands continue to face a crisis, so that Chinese companies come to realize not only pay attention to the brand, "speed", while ignoring the brand's sustainability. In the future, Chinese brands will surely stems from his ability to greatness if there is universal core values ​​and sustainability. 
   Over the years, "new heavens" in stronger, bigger corporate brand, brand, credit, the strength of the parties have been fully recognized by society, and has been awarded the "Guangzhou City, the overall strength of the top ten enterprises in real estate development," "hundred private enterprises in Guangdong Province" , "Guangdong Top 20 real estate credit enterprise" And other honors, and enjoy the bank "AAA" grade credit. 
   Based on the rapid development of today, the face of the new situation, new opportunities, new challenges, new heavens and will continue to strengthen the sense of responsibility, sense of purpose, a sense of service to "steadily open up" the development of ideas, based on the Pearl River Delta, for the country to fully explore the Chinese two , three, four, five-tier cities real estate market, Plough various villas, high-end residential, multi-storey houses, apartments, offices, commercial street, urban complex, hotel complex projects, and provide better products and services. 
   "The most influential Chinese urban renewal Carrier" - In the future, we will be struggling to move forward toward this goal ......