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About the "Villages" Several Opinions restructuring work

Createdate:2013-8-29 8:35:48


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According to the city basically realize socialist modernization , the requirements of building a modern center of the city , to accelerate "Villages" the pace of restructuring , the municipal government approval , is now on our city, " city" which involves issues relating to the following observations:

    First, on the "Villages" villagers Account " rural" issue
    Restructuring of the "Villages" , all changes should villagers agriculture accounts for residents accounts, issue a new booklet .
    Changes in agriculture accounts for residents accounts process, free city accommodation fees and other related costs. The fee for recertification by the Financial booklet addressed specific work by the municipal public security Huzhengbumen and the relevant district government is responsible .

    Second, on the "Villages" in the restructuring of collective land and housing ownership disposal problems

   ( A ) on rural collective land disposal. Implementation of the restructuring of the "Villages" in the organized farmers into urban residents , the village chief remaining within the jurisdiction of the collective land , according to the "PRC Land Administration Law ," Chapter II Article II ( five ) models provisions , one into state-owned land , land use rights and their legitimate land use function does not change the nature of the original contract to continue to enjoy state-owned agricultural land agricultural land contract and management rights of conversion of the land use right after the state-owned land use certificate issued . After the restructuring of the original construction of the village land for construction sites at historical sites and land registration procedures . If the real estate market or changing land use, expansion occurs , add , alter, press provides pay -owned land use right transfer payments and related taxes . Restructuring due to urban construction is necessary to recover the right to use the land , according to relevant regulations of the appropriate procedures after giving reasonable compensation .

   ( Two ) to adjust retained land policy . Village after the abolition of land retained in future no longer rationed . Government originally allocated has clearly retained land has been approved , the procedures for transfer , the original approval of the use of function after the formation of the corresponding transformed into the company, according to the relevant existing regulations to historical sites and land clearance for construction state-owned land registration , issuance of " construction land of ratification " and " state-owned land use certificate" ; their legitimate superstructures not yet obtained the "real estate license ", and after the formalities , the issuance of " real estate license ." In the future , such as the land, real estate market , adjustment shall pay the relevant provisions of state-owned land transfer. After due to urban construction and development need to use these lands and property expropriated by land use change of ownership , referring to the municipal government of the land requisition compensation standards or standards for urban house demolition compensation compensation .

   ( Three ) homestead disposal. Inventory by the Municipal Land and Housing Bureau homestead after homestead and building a legitimate press " Guangzhou Rural real estate title registration requirements," renewal "real estate license ." They will no longer rationed residential retained land .

   ( Four ) houses on rural collective land ownership disposal. In the "Villages " peasant collective land into state-owned land , and in accordance with state-owned land is indeed the right history , the original houses on collective land ownership were treated according to the following conditions :

    1 . Has handled housing collective land real estate certificates , renewal of state-owned real estate license, suspend payment of state-owned land use right transfer fee . If the real estate market transactions subject to pay the state-owned land use right transfer fee .

    2 . Have not been handled collective land real estate license, upon examination meet the "Guangzhou City, the rural real estate title registration requirements," Article 19 of the houses, according to the conditions and procedures prescribed recognized the land use rights and building ownership certificates issued by state-owned real estate to defer payment of state-owned land use rights premium . If the real estate market transactions subject to pay the state-owned land use right transfer fee .

    3.1987 on Jan. 1 ( "Land Management Law" implementation date ) until 31 December 1998 ( the "Land Management Law" after the implementation of the recently revised ) only, the original villagers approved to use the original peasant collectives land for housing exceeds the prescribed standards ( including more than one residential house and a super area ) , and by building on the part of the historical land beyond the standard pay the state-owned land use right transfer fee , be recognized land use rights and building ownership Issuance of Certificate of state-owned real estate .

    4.1987 on January 1 until December 31, 1998 only, the original villagers without approval or exceed the approved area ( including more than one residential house and a super area ) occupy the land collectively owned by farmers build houses, which urban planning and land management in accordance with the relevant provisions allowed to remain after the use of houses, in the application of state-owned land use right transfer repay the money after the state-owned property rights may be registered in other houses not handle real estate title registration .
    5.1999 on January 1 , the original villagers without approval or exceed the approved area ( including more than one residential house and a super area ) occupied the land collectively owned by farmers build houses, according to the revised "Land Management Law" and its associated regulations implemented.

    6 . Villagers return after the divorce and their children back to the origin of the workers, demobilized soldiers and retired cadres , in October 1, 2001 ( the "Guangzhou City housing land villagers regulations" effective date ) before settling in their hometowns Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese use of collective land for the construction of houses, village houses with reference to the original standards and handling procedures recognized its land use rights and building ownership .

    7 . "Villages" of the non- use of collective land for villagers" houses, village houses with reference to the original standards and handling procedures recognized its land use rights and building ownership , but should pay the state-owned land use right transfer fee .

    8 . "Villages " in the construction of rural collective land occupied by " financing housing ," according to government "on handling the city"s rural financing housing issues" ( Sui Fu [ 1997 ] No. 48 ) processing .

    Third, on the revocation of "Villages" village , established neighborhood problems
   ( A ) "Villages" All of the agricultural population into urban residents , the village "s establishment and rural management system will naturally withdrawn and replaced by an autonomous organization set up community committees . In the "Villages" restructuring , the need to establish a new community committees , according to the statutory approval procedures in the revocation of the village at the same time , according to the provincial civil affairs department in charge of the relevant provisions of synchronization establishment of community committees. Community committees under the jurisdiction of the new number of inhabitants and households according to the actual situation.

   ( Two ) additional after withdrawal of the village community neighborhood committees daily office expenses and the wages of full-time staff , subsidies under the current regulations and standards , the municipal and district levels, financial pro rata commitment.

   ( Three ) have been included in this year"s "Villages" restructuring of the administrative villages, carried out this year can no longer arrange village " two committees," the elections.

    Fourth, on the treatment of rural collective assets

   ( A ) rural collective economic organizations transformed into joint-stock enterprises ( companies ) . "Villages" village revoke the same time, changing the original village collective economic organizations Zhengqibufen state , was converted into the collective corporate shareholder or individual shareholders of the joint-stock company ( the company ) . Audit of the assets must be restructured according to the law , assets evaluation, a huge amount of assets , property relations more complex village collective economic organizations , in principle, be qualified by the community asset evaluation agency assessments. District Government may entrust the restructuring departments and rural authorities have qualified professional organization established asset evaluation agencies , the village collective economic organizations to assess the assets of the shareholders" meeting to confirm. Asset assessment , the village according to their actual situation to develop specific restructuring plan , after the adoption of the general meeting , at the district government for the record.

   ( Two ) curing joint-stock enterprise ( company ) shares. Villagers have not cured the original personal ownership stake in a joint-stock enterprise ( company ) , according to the date of conversion placement on the register has not been a one-time configuration of the agricultural population shares , then cured stake. Villagers of shares of shareholders may be original stock cooperatives Articles way configuration , or the shareholders congress OK. Former villagers to move out or die shareholders whose shares can be transferred, inheritance and gift .

   ( Three ) quantitative stock cooperative assets. Restructuring of the rural collective economic organizations , to correctly define the collective shares and individual shares . Individual "s earnings owned by individuals ; in the " Villages" before the completion of the collective share of income , in addition to expanded reproduction , mainly for the social area management and public welfare construction . Conversion , some can quantify an individual"s deposits or payments with centralized purchase of properties, land , can be quantified to the individual, according to stocks honor ; also continues to focus on , Angufenhong .

   ( Four ) refinement of collective asset management. In principle, the village collective assets not quantified to the individual. Can follow the "Company Law " requirements , the formation of collective asset management company responsible for the collective management of assets and operations. Since the existing city and village collective economic organization management areas of operation , distribution quite different, district by district restructuring departments and district agricultural departments in accordance with the situation as soon as possible to develop the appropriate conversion and restructuring of collective economic organizations after collective assets administrative provisions of the existing and future new collective assets and their allocation purposes implement standardized management.

   ( Five ) rationalize collective debt, debt relations . Economic organization of the original village of credits and debts through liquidation of assets , a clear debt, debt ownership. In principle, after the restructuring of the joint-stock company ( companies ) have to bear the original village collective economic organizations of the debt, debt , and to take positive measures to solve them . To strengthen borrow money , rent, contract payments , management fees, registration and recover the clean-up work , to avoid the loss of collective assets .

    Fifth, on the "Villages" after the restructuring of municipal facilities planning and management issues .

    After the restructuring of the " village ", the planning, implementation and management of the various standards and control indicators by city planning standards, no longer performs town planning standards.
    After the restructuring of the " Villages" municipal infrastructure construction and management into a unified management of municipal scope . For powers with reference to the prevailing market district in charge of the scope and implementation of the principles of hierarchical management , funds management and protection principle, municipal maintenance costs assumed by the district , as management and protection area increases , the need to increase funding for management and protection , according to city and district levels, use the city the funding of the construction and maintenance of the new financial year, subject to adjustment in accordance with the actual .
    Original "Villages" restructuring of community committees to strengthen community building , community building funds ( including street, alley dressing , landscaping, cleaning ) , in addition to municipal and district has clearly responsible , but in "Villages" is completed before , still from the joint-stock enterprise restructuring ( company ) collective share income paid .

    Six , on the " Villages" school management issues

   "Villages" After the restructuring , the management of the village originally transferred by the district school education sector management , the former village school funding commitments , and gradually transferred by the district finance special funds commitment. School education sites and buildings and teaching facilities , in accordance with relevant regulations, shall not be used for other purposes .

    Seven , on the " Villages" sanitation management issues

   "Villages" After the restructuring , sanitation management principle, according to City Sanitation Bureau to develop a " Guangzhou " Villages " environmental health management program " implemented within five years , the urban planning and development of the region "Villages" to gradually reach the sanitation management or close to the city level . In the District Sanitation Bureau under the guidance of merit-based selection through an open tender cleaning company to undertake cleaning tasks originally responsible for the village , the necessary funds by the city after the conversion of the residents to the standard 10 yuan per household per month in expenses charged , less than funded in part by the district sanitation subsidies. Waste transport vehicle purchase , update, and waste transportation , handling funds , the current management approach to the implementation by the city .

    Eight , on the " Villages" after the reform of the family planning policy issues

   "Villages" villagers to urban residents , the full implementation of urban family planning policy . Before the restructuring , in line with the conditions of couples of reproductive age birth of a second child have received fertility indicators continue to be valid to residents of the village committee from the date of the Commission , four weeks intervals during the year according to the provisions then one child ; I voluntarily vacate account residents committee who arranged the account migration Although fertility but not pregnant , two births index is invalid. Such as the introduction of new provincial child policy , then follow execution.

    Nine , on the " Villages" farmers into employment after residents

   ( A ) carry out employment training. To solve the " Villages" , " rural" residents working way out , to "Villages" to fully implement the restructuring labor reserve system . District employment training organizations want to "Villages" have the ability to work and employment requirements of the inhabitants ( the original village ) opened specialized technical training , residents can choose to participate less , free training time , training funds from the district special funds incurred.

   ( Two ) actively recommend employment . Good job, " rural" residents recommend employment , and fully utilize city, district, street, neighborhood four employment service network , giving priority to employment difficulties of the " rural" residents with employment services. Labor and employment service agencies at all levels to help with the ability to work at least annually and employment requirements of the " rural" residents recommend employment once.

    Ten , on the " Villages" after the reform of the social security issues residents

    Combining the "Villages " restructuring, establishment and improvement of "rural " people "s social security system.

   ( A ) "Villages" after the restructuring of the residents , urban residents enjoy the same social protection.

   ( Two ) have participated in the work of the " rural" residents required to participate in the corresponding social insurance, to enjoy the social insurance benefits.

   ( Three ) in compensation for expropriation of land from the village collective economic organizations to extract revenue fund and other social endowment insurance for the " Villages" , " rural" multi-channel implementation of staff pension insurance services.

    Specific embodiments of the Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau is responsible for formulating the municipal government for approval and implementation .